I welcome you to stay at The Bee & Bee and share the beauty that Salt Spring Island has to offer.

I have been a resident of SSI for the past four years and my first impression of this property was the front gate into a beautiful garden space for my flower beds.  Having been employed in the hospitality industry, I can now offer a delightful experience for guests at The Bee & Bee.  I have chosen the Bee theme because of the importance of these amazing little critters to our environment, and as a gardener I thoroughly enjoy growing flowers for the bees, I hope you will too.

The suite is at ground level in the home of your host, Debra and her lovely companion, Stella, a four year old lab puppy and two cats.  It is located off the main road on a quiet cul-de-sac, with its own private entrance and patio for your privacy.  The suite is adjacent to the back yard that is available for guests, beyond the yard is a large open sunny space bordered by a creek with many cedar and fir trees along it, as well as home to a great variety of birds.